Dear Miles,

When I became a mother there were so many changes that happened in my life.  It opened new and unexpected experiences, a roller coaster of emotions, life lessons that you cannot learn from any book and the infinite amount of unconditional love always going your way...Miles.  

As a mother I will always go an extra mile for you.  When I became a mother it provided a sense of unexplainable balance due to uncertainty of the things that came my way.  I look at it like a yin and yang of life.  A pendulum.  It is constant but it keeps moving.  

My favorite memory with you is every time we are together.


A special shoutout to my grandmother, Shirley, who played as big of a motherly role in raising me when I was young while my mother worked hard to provide our needs. Both are true inspirations for endless love and sacrifice 


Dear Vivian,

We planned to have no children, but ended up having our first child ten years into our marriage. One year and six months later, we had you. Although we didn’t want children, I have learned true love and happiness having raised two daughters. These unique feelings will only be understood by mothers. My oldest daughter spent her first 100 days in the NICU. You were healthy, bright, and energetic. You would gladly share your toys with your sister, though I did notice you always ended up with them in the end. People would say it was strange that we were carrying our oldest and you were walking by our side. You were always an independent kid. Whenever your school gave you a group project, you would assign roles to others and I would notice you playing in the meantime. When you got older, I realized you understood people well, understood what they needed, and you became someone who helped them achieve that. I always thought you would become an artist. You were always so creative. You had ideas that were unimaginable to most kids, and often thoughts that were more mature than mine. This brought me comfort and the sense of protection. You are like a friend, like an older sister to me. I am so thankful. I love you!

As I gained two daughters, you guys became my center. I wanted to do more than my best for you. Because we had our own business, we were able to focus that much more on you both. You were our top priority and that made me so happy. It brought me so much gratitude and happiness that you were my daughter. Even if I could go back to my youth, I would rather be your mother than pursue my own dream career.

My favorite memories are traveling with you. Your dad doesn’t like to travel, while I love it. Dad prioritizes safety and maximizes it at all times. Because our personalities are so similar, I love being your travel partner. Eating good food, visiting museums... I love spending time that way. The entirety of Naoshima island was like an art museum, and we had the best time riding our electric bikes everywhere. Visiting the museums in Seoul and staying in Jeju-do stands out in my memory. I can’t wait to continue traveling to museums all over the world with you.